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                                                                                        What if the next footstep isn't your own?

NOW, It's You Who Has the Power

With Safe Passage you will have the power to control your safety wherever you are, wherever you go. Take the control by learning what to look out for, what to do, how to think. Safe Passage was designed with experienced insight into behaviors and actions that work. Take back the power and control to be safe, to feel safe.

Safe Passage is the intelligent and prudent way to accomplish two objectives to feel confident about your everyday personal safety and to provide effective strategies and skills to handle an assault should it ever occur.

What Doesnt Work

After decades of teaching martial arts I can say with confidence that a women who is correctly trained in the art has a huge advantage should she have to defend herself. But, most people will not train to the skill level necessary to be effective.

There are a variety of short self-defense classes which may show some tricks, but dont address the underlying psychology of the assailant or the targeted person. Safe Passage trains its students in underlying principles, attitudes and techniques to counter a determined assailant.

Learn, Practice, Prepare

In Safe Passage you will learn the psychology of combat and how to use your empty hands or a personal weapon for self-defense. You will learn specific strategies that can be practiced, and you will learn sequences and procedures to be followed so that you will be prepared in the event of a personal safety crisis. Women tell us that this knowledge is liberating.

Psychology of Defense

We are socialized to behave in a certain way and predators understand and use this against us. An assailant often follows a specific course of action including targeting and testing his intended victim. We are taught to be trusting, polite and accommodating. An assailant will often take advantage of this and meekly approach a potential victim to get inside the safety zone.

Safe Passage defines unsafe environments and then establishes a new set of rules for these environments. Still, though your new set of rules will toughen up your attitudes and actions, it is possible to aid a person who is truly in need without jeopardizing your safety.

Additionally, personal safety strategies need to be tailored to the person using them. If you are not willing to jab someone in the eye, then teaching you this strategy, even though it is effective, is not appropriate. Safe Passage teaches a hierarchy of responses and fits the strategy to the student.

The Safe Passage S.O.S. Combat Skill With OC Pepper Spray

The heart of the training is the Safe Passage S.O.S. Combat Skill. This skill includes the proper use of OC Pepper Spray. You will learn a dynamic sequence which is deceptive and takes control of distance and angle to outsmart and stop an assailant . These skills have been proven over and over again in martial arts combat and are adapted to this S.O.S. sequence to achieve maximum effectiveness for the average person. You will carry this S.O.S. Combat Skill with confidence to use if you are ever in jeopardy.


Stay tuned for next training at the Nackord Karate System School in Gateway Shopping Center, Wayne, PA Inquire Below.


Program Trainers

Dennis J. Nackord
9th Degree Black Belt, JLFS
Founder Nackord Kenpo Karate System
American Martial Arts Pioneer

Gary L. Moyer
Ph.D. in Education, University of Pennsylvania
Captain US Army, West Point
Graduate US Army Special Warfare School

Program Consultant

Tyler Nackord
SWAT Team & OC Pepper Spray Lead Trainer
San Quentin Prison, San Quentin California


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